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Robbing Peter

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the phrase robbing Peter to pay Paul, which is generally considered to mean paying one debt by incurring another. Imagine paying your MasterCard bill with your Visa card, or by taking out a loan. This … Continue reading

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Carlo Bianchi and the Nurse

Pearl Gossett was a nurse at a coal mining camp in Blocton, Alabama in October 1912. While cooking a meal for a patient, she suffered a terrible accident. The gasoline stove she was using exploded in flames. The burning gasoline … Continue reading

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Canada’s Own Skateboarding Bulldog!

Last Wednesday I presented a video of Tillman, a surfing bulldog from Oxnard California. As soon as I posted, a friend (thanks, Stacey!) pointed me to a video of a Canadian skateboarding bulldog, Buttercup (yup, that’s her name). Best of … Continue reading

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Jimi Hendrix

Seventy years ago today, the man who Rolling Stone magazine hails as the greatest guitarist ever was born in Seattle, Washington. At birth his name was Johnny Allen Hendrix. In 1945 his father Al Hendrix, returning from fighting in Europe … Continue reading

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Money Can Buy Happiness

Can money buy happiness? Three, highly respected university professors say definitely! Elizabeth W. Dunn, Daniel Todd Gilbert, and Timothy D. Wilson even wrote an article about it, entitled If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy, Then You Probably Aren’t Spending It … Continue reading

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The Phone Stack

Our always connected, social media lifestyle is full of odd quirks. One of them occurs when we’re out dinning with family or friends. Even though we are with people, being social, there’s the itch to check our mobile devices. It’s … Continue reading

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Canadian Legend – Gaby Haas

Living in Edmonton during the 1940s to 1970s, you could take pride in the local musician Gaby (Gabriel) Haas, who was making a name for himself on the national music scene. Gaby Haas was a skilled and talented accordion player. … Continue reading

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Old Dog – New Trick?

From where I sit writing this, I see steam rising from chimneys, thick snow on roofs, and vehicles slipping and sliding their way somewhere. The outside temperature is about -13 Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit, if you’re more comfortable in that … Continue reading

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Recently, a friend commented that the environment at his office was deteriorating and that he felt like he was falling prey to “gaslighting.” Gaslighting is a term used by mental health professionals including Robin Stern Ph.D, who writes that, “Gaslighting … Continue reading

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Been Away Too Long

It takes determination and discipline to post to a blog on a regular schedule. For the past 11 months or so, what determination and discipline I have had has been focused on events going on in my real world. There … Continue reading

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