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Science of Persuasion

Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin have just created a highly engaging and informative video of the proven “factors that influence us to say yes to the requests of others.” This 12 minute video, which is full of examples, is provided … Continue reading

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Money Can Buy Happiness

Can money buy happiness? Three, highly respected university professors say definitely! Elizabeth W. Dunn, Daniel Todd Gilbert, and Timothy D. Wilson even wrote an article about it, entitled If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy, Then You Probably Aren’t Spending It … Continue reading

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The Phone Stack

Our always connected, social media lifestyle is full of odd quirks. One of them occurs when we’re out dinning with family or friends. Even though we are with people, being social, there’s the itch to check our mobile devices. It’s … Continue reading

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Recently, a friend commented that the environment at his office was deteriorating and that he felt like he was falling prey to “gaslighting.” Gaslighting is a term used by mental health professionals including Robin Stern Ph.D, who writes that, “Gaslighting … Continue reading

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