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Pig and Cookies

Here’s something to help you get through the middle of the week with a smile. Thank you to LMM for pointing me to this video! Warning! If your sense of humour is anything like mine, this short video will have … Continue reading

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A Technique for Decision Making

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the decision making process when there isn’t a clear cut choice or there isn’t enough information to know which option is the most appropriate. A common way to cut through the clutter of … Continue reading

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TAL Online

Last week I wrote about The Alberta Library (TAL) and how it assists individual public libraries and their patrons to access more materials than are on the shelves of the local library. One of the may services provided for library … Continue reading

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Advertising Myths

There was a time in my 20’s when I was an Advertising Account Executive (isn’t that a great title?) for several radio stations. I really enjoyed working with clients to develop advertising campaigns and was very successful. The radio stations … Continue reading

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Sleep, Dreams and Insanity

“Dreaming permits each and everyone of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.” This is a quote by Dr. William C. Dement, who is often referred to as the Father of Sleep Research. Dr. Dement … Continue reading

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Panorama of the Sistine Chapel

This is one of those amazing opportunities that the Internet occasionally offers. The Vatican Museum (Musei Vaticani) has created a panorama of the Sistine Chapel. Be sure to turn on your speakers, too. There is a beautiful choir singing hymns … Continue reading

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Who Knew?

At the APLEN Marketing and Promotions Committee meeting on Monday, November 21st, Caroline Vandriel of the Northern Lights Library System showed members of the committee the amazing poster you see to the left. APLEN stands for the Alberta Public Library … Continue reading

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Make It Fly!

Another Wednesday! To inspire you to do amazing things with the rest of the work week, I offer these two videos of perseverance and ingenuity that result in amazing flying machines. Radio controlled aircraft, especially helicopters, have always fascinated me. … Continue reading

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The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Today marks a sad day in the history of the United States and the world. Because, 48 years ago today, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was gunned down in Dallas, Texas. You may have seen … Continue reading

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The Alberta Library

Residents of Alberta are pretty lucky, in many ways. This post is about one of the ways. Outside of the big three libraries in Alberta (Edmonton Public, Calgary Public and Red Deer Public), virtually all Alberta public libraries belong to … Continue reading

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