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Amazing Bookends

Even though many readers are making the transition to electronic books (eBooks), most people still have print books sitting on shelves around their home. That is certainly true in my place. While books on their own can be visually interesting, … Continue reading

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Blueprints for Woody Wagons

One of the member libraries of the Shortgrass Library System, the Brooks Public Library, subscribes to a wonderful magazine called Vintage Truck. The cover of the September / October 2011 issue is featured to the left. Vintage Truck is full … Continue reading

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Starving Cancer

In this TED talk, Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of The Angiogenesis Foundation discusses how cancer starts to develop in the body without a blood supply. As blood vessel growth begins to provide nutrients needed by the cancer … Continue reading

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Pixar and Plussing

In improvisational theatre, one of the cardinal principles is that you “accept every offer.” What this means in practice for improv performers is that they simply go with the situation they are given and work with it. Imagine if Mina … Continue reading

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Deep Fried Turkey: William Shatner

Wednesdays – the dreaded hump day. On Wednesdays, to get us through the middle of the week, I plan to provide a post that is funny and entertaining. To kick things off, I present this video of William Shatner (who … Continue reading

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Do or Do Not

Often, when we start an new project or decide to learn something new, we set our goal to be perfect. While it can be useful to set high standards and to be ambitious, there are times when the goal of … Continue reading

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The Value of Your Library

Yesterday, I wrote about how using an Alberta public library is an efficient use of resources because of the sharing of items in the collection. Using a library isn’t just efficient, it’s cost effective for you. Let’s look at a … Continue reading

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Libraries are Efficient Users of Resources

There are groups of citizens who are encouraging all of us to reduce our environmental footprint. They want us to reduce, reuse and recycle. They encourage us to shop local; to avoid the the waste of resources that occurs when … Continue reading

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Future Jobs

The nature of work is changing and the types of jobs are changing, too. In a recent post on his blog, Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, listed 55 jobs of the future. Here are some that appeal … Continue reading

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Salute to Soldiers

In Canada, November 11th is Remembrance Day. A day when Canadians are to reflect on the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, in the Canadian military in times of conflict and in times of peace. This … Continue reading

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