Old Dog – New Trick?

From where I sit writing this, I see steam rising from chimneys, thick snow on roofs, and vehicles slipping and sliding their way somewhere. The outside temperature is about -13 Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit, if you’re more comfortable in that scale). Winter has settled in for its long stay in Edmonton, Alberta.

While winter can be fun (snowball fights, the crunch under your boots when walking, the brightness of light reflecting off the freshly fallen snow), I have to tell you I’m a summer guy. I want warm hot, sunny, long days, and trees with green leaves – not barren branches.

To give both of us a Wednesday Humour smile, and me a break from winter, I present Tillman. Owned (and possibly trained) by Ron Davis of Oxnard California, Tillman is a six year old surfing English Bulldog!

With the Surfin’ USA soundtrack and the excitement and enthusiasm shown by Tillman, this puts a big smile on my face. I hope it does for you, too!

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