How Do You Tie Your Shoes?

Chances are when you were taught how to tie your shoes, you were taught the common bow knot.

The bow knot is perfectly acceptable; it’s easy to tie and works well in most situations. However, the version that most of us use is the ‘weak form’ of the knot. The weak form has one major disadvantage. It can come undone as you walk. At best it’s an inconvenience; at worst it’s a hazard – you might step on the untied lace, stumble and fall.

In the TED Talks video below, Terry Moore talks about and demonstrates a better version of the bow knot; the ‘strong form,’ which is just as easy to tie. It just works better!

I have been using the strong form of this knot for more than three months, now, and it has yet to come loose while I’m out walking.

Do you have other tips for tying shoes? Share them in the comments section below.

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