Deep Fried Turkey: William Shatner

Wednesdays – the dreaded hump day.

On Wednesdays, to get us through the middle of the week, I plan to provide a post that is funny and entertaining.

To kick things off, I present this video of William Shatner (who I think is an absolute hoot) discussing how to safely deep fry a turkey, With American Thanksgiving coming up next Thursday, this is a timely video. Canadians, of which I am one (and at one time so was Mr. Shatner), had our Thanksgiving back on Monday, October 11th.

State Farm is responsible for sponsoring and producing this video.

Be sure to watch for Mr. Shatner (couldn’t I just call him Bill?) to survive a computer generated fireball!

While I imagine that Bill was compensated in some form (an unlimited supply of turkey fryers, lifetime insurance on his singing voice?), there may be another reason why he would want to do this video. One Thanksgiving, he actually set himself on fire while trying to deep fry a turkey (and that isn’t funny).

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